9760 Randall Rd
McClellanville, SC  29458
Fall workshops in Blueberry Management and Build-Your-Own Kitchen Garden scheduled for September!

Hours and Events

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Build-Your-Own Kitchen Herb Garden Workshop
Sunday, September 23, 2-4 pm
Beautifully scented, aromatic companions in the kitchen, on the balcony or even in a window box, fresh herbs bring something special to your table, teas and cold drinks, and spices. Register for a space-limited workshop featuring a Build-Your-Own Kitchen Garden from our organic nursery plants, with segments on selecting, growing, and cooking with organic herbs.

Farmers Markets
Certified SC Roadside Market
at Blue Pearl Farms, 9760 Randall Rd McClellanville
Sundays noon to 4 pm
Fully stocked with our bees honeys, blueberry sauces, fresh herbs for your kitchen, perennials, and fall flowering plants. Call or text 843-630-0226 to order live blue crab or stone crab claws in advance.

Charleston Farmers Market
Saturdays 8 am - 2 pm in Marion Square. One of the country's favorites, with honey from our bees, blueberry sauces and skin solutions along with farm grown herbs and flowering plants.

Mt Pleasant Farmers Market
Tuesdays 3.30 - 7 pm through September at Moultrie Middle School
Just off Coleman Blvd, park across the street and stroll through the market to find the freshest vegetables, eggs, cheese, spices, and especially our local honey, blueberries and more, made just for you by us and our bees.

Please remember, the farm is an all ages, non-smoking venue, and your pets need to wait for you at home. For more information, contact us by email at the address in the upper left corner of this page or on the farmline at 843-887-3554.